Term & Condition

Service Policy

     In link report we'll mention exact location of your link, page rank of the page, anchor text used for the link, ip of the site. You can ask us for link report format. Page rank will be determined and decided the date when the link is collected. Google generally changes page rank every after 3 months (approx). If we have to send project report after Google Pr update then we'll write all old pr in the link report. As no body can predict exact date of Pr update so you have to accept any links which is collected before Google update. We generally send project report within 7 working days after you signup, so we'll send report accordingly.

Refund Policy

     Due to nature of our business we don't offer any refund or money back for any of our services. If you don't want to continue for our service then just cancel your service by sending us a mail and you won't be billed again. If you opt for one time service fee then also the payment is not refundable because once we'll deliver the product / service we don't have any control to get back it. Since it's digital product so we don't entertain any refund / money back request from our clients. Hope you'll understand it.

     There is one exception of refund: If you signup for a plan and if we feel that we can't do the project for you at that moment then we'll issue 100% refund within 2 working days.

     We do not gaurantee the search enginge ranks as search enginge keep changing its policy. However if you are fell that you can to cancel the services you can cancle on the services on the notice period of 7 days. For one, all the requests for cancellation should take into account being submitted to the billing and accounts department of ApnaSeo.com You are free to make submissions of your cancellation policy through direct mail, email or telephone.

     If you stop our services from middle of the month you need to pay for the days we have worked for you depending upon the agreement and plan you have selected for the perticular services.


     ApnaSeo.com as an firm has with it the exclusive right to bring about any modification of the provisions of refund of cancellation policy without intimating prior notice.

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