Our investment plans

  • Modeling & Rigging

    $3 - $1000 Per Slot

    4 Working Hours

    Principal Return

  • Procedural Design

    $10 - $10000 Per Slot

    10 Working Hours

    Principal Return

  • Landscape Creation
    400%after 3 days

    $25 - $12500 Per Slot

    3 Working Days

    Principal Return

  • Particle VFX
    1200%after 10 days

    $50 - $15000 Per Slot

    10 Working Days

    Principal Return

3 steps to success

  • Register

    Go to the registration page, fill in the required fields and gain access to our investment platform

  • Create a deposit

    In your personal account in the section "Create a deposit" choose an investment plan and follow the instructions

  • Get profit

    Your profits are calculated hourly based on your selected plan, wait the required amount of time to withdraw your funds

Project production

  • Who are we?

    cahspay.club is a collective of multiple video game specialists and developers spread around the globe. We are striving for the maximum quality possible in our products and we are constantly investing in new technological advancements to bring the future of gaming to the next level.

  • What is our focus?

    Simply put, games! Our company takes on project requests from triple A studios to indie developers for all gaming platforms. We bring life to assets that are later added to gaming products that you probably already own. We create characters, environments, animations, procedural generation, physics and much more. Our focus is the advancement in technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality) MoCap (motion capture) and facial recognition to real time animation rendering within game engines such as Unreal Engine 4           and Unity.

  • Why do customers choose us?

    We offer them the highest quality possible at the lowest price. We know the gaming industry is a competitive one and it's constantly evolving, therefore our knowledge and unique approach to creation and distribution of our requested projects is always top notch.

  • Why should you invest in Mind Vision?

    Our activities are focused on establishing a long-term trust relationship between the company, its partners and customers. Our goal - a stable income of each investor. Gaming is an evolving industry, that combined with the blockchain support creates a really powerful combination that is guaranteed to succeed.

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Project statistics

  • 83 Running Days
  • 212 Total accounts
  • 31 Visitors Online
  • $ 1119.83 Total Deposits
  • $ 233.70 Total withdraw