About Us

cahspay.club is a global company with 9 separate and semi studio braces. We focus on creating Triple A quality gaming assets for the gaming industry. Our clients vary from Triple A studios to Indie developers that want the greatest possible quality for their projects. How it works? Simple, our client need a quality asset for your game such as a character, a monster, a landscape etc. They contact us and contract us the project, this process goes through filtering to determine the cost, deadline and best possible pipeline from start to finish.

cahspay.club knows first hand what it feels to be a pioneer, therefore we could not remain idle. We created this online platform to take advantage of the rapid growth of Blockchain. By combining our technical expertise with the financial support of the Blockchain we are able to fund research, new technologies such as VR (virtual reality) MoCap (Motion Capture), facial recognition real time rendering into game engines such as Unreal Engine 4 & Unity.

The gaming industry has peaked the past 10 years, and so has Mind Vision. By joining our project you support the future of game developing and the advancements of features that has been sought out for years such as realistic physics, fluid motion capture in real time, Next-Gen character modeling and texturing and many more. Be a part of the gaming revolution and join us.

It is our policy to be transparent. Therefore, while this project runs online and our research is ongoing, we will be posting news and updates constantly. We will be releasing photos and videos of our teams in their various projects and stages. We will also be releasing scripts and open source codes for those new methods of development for anyone that wishes to expand and innovate with them. We will also organize events and conventions around the world. Invitations to those events will be send at a later date based on your contribution. At those conventions you will witness first hand the new technology and you will be able to use it and test it on sight.

The world stands on the threshold of new discoveries and achievements. cahspay.club, has attracted the greatest minds and geniuses of the know-how in the game development industry and we are able to make a new technological & economic "miracle". With the common efforts of investors and employees of cahspay.club and now the Blockchain, we shall occupy the leading positions in the market. Together we will build the future of gaming with new opportunities and technologies.